cantilever umbrellas from Zangenberg

cantilever umbrellas from zangenberg

cantilever umbrellas or free standing umbrellas do not have a distractin mid pole and are often the best solution to shade a complete lounge of chairs and a table. Zangenberg produces a wide range of umbrellas including different types of cantilever umbrellas. One highlight product is the cantilever umbrella Z1-multipole (TUV approved). With this umbrella you have the option to place up to four umbrella tops on to one mast - shading an area up to 36 square meters. Another fancy solution is the Z2 singlepole or the wallfixed umbrella. Both umbrellas can swivel easily around its axis. The canitlever umbrella MonteCarlo in the size 300x300 is also a hot item. Great stability, tilting to the mast to produce shade when the sun goes down and also turnable by 360°. Another item classy item are the cantilever Jamaika and Haiti when only first quality will serve our purpose.