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 - turning, tilting, swiveling. Cantilever umbrellas for private gardens




up to 4 umbrellas on one mast

contract umbrellas



we have the perfect umbrella for your terrasse

Terrasse organisation

perfect shade for your guest

a perfect plan will put the shade on the right spot for your guest to enjoy the stay on your terrasse. Light and heating will complete the ideal planning. Let our experts advise you!


Zangenberg giant umbrellas - top quality for gastronomers

the giant umnrella RZ1 is available in sizes from 5m to 7,5m. The mast is 100mm strong and the largest of the new product line. The crank system grants easy opening and closing. A telescopic system ensures that the umbrella closes above table height. LED light and heating system are available. The giant umbrella RZ2 has a mast diameter of 80mm and is built for professionals. Thde umbrella is available in sizes 350x350, 400x400, 450x450, 500x500 400, 500, 600
Another umbrella series named RZ3 offers a special fast locking system. The opening and locking is done in a very fast way.