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More than 150 Years Umbrella Tradition in Osnabrück Germany

the outline of Zangenberg history

The company was founded in 1860 and quickly concentrated on the production of umbrellas – rain umbrellas at first and garden umbrellas later on. These are the landmarks of the company history:

1800: In the beginning of 19. century Johann Christian Zangenberg produces fine wood turned walking sticks and umbrella handles. His eldest son Heinrich Zangenberg founded a company for umbrellas on 01. Oktober 1860 at Große Hamkenstr. in Osnabrueck

1906: the production facilities were getting too small due to the growing umbrella industrie and a new umbrella factory was built at Kollegienwall 12c.



The famous Knirps pocket umbrella was invented in the late 20th and started its success story. Zangenberg was significantly involved in the invention of  the umbrella.
The second worldwar destroyed  many hopes and plans. The factory was destroyed completey in 1945 and Christian Zangenberg was facing the ruins of his lifes work. Together with his son Erich Zangenberg he started to rebuild.

A large and modern umbrella factory was opened in 1959-1961 at the industrial park in Fledder Osnabrueck. At present times the most modern umbrrella factory of the world. In the 60s  Horst Heinrich Zangenberg entered the business.



In 1960 Zangenberg hired 400 workers. The annual production of rain umbrellas exceeded 1,1 Mio pieces. The main products were Knirps pocketumbrellas, fashion umbrellas and garden umbrellas. At these times the rain umbrella business started moving to china. In  1965 more than 2 millionen rainumbrellas were imported to germany.

Horst Heinrich Zangenberg realized the market changes and focused production and sales Produktion und den Vertrieb to high end garden umbrellas. Newly invented umbrella system started succeeding in the gastronomy such as the market umbrella Palma.

In 1998 a new factory is built in Wallenhorst close to Osnabrueck. Ralf Zangenberg  enters the company (5. Generation) and in 2010 the company celebrates its 150-years anniversary. Today Zangenberg offers a wide range of garden products such as garden umbrellas, cantilever umbrellas and markte umbrellas for contract business.