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Easy Opening - One Hand Movement

The cantilever umbrella Z-singlepole opens in seconds due the special gliding waggon with "one-move-system". The umbrella is equipped the a A Grade gasspring to support the opening.

Four different sizes and five frame colors. The umbrella frame may as well be painted according to your speche umbrella by 300°.


Umbrella Light LED, RGB & Heater

The LED light wil comfort you with a nice athmosphere. The light is as bright to allow reading but it  is as well dimmableby remote control.


Bases & Groundpole

To setup the umbrella you have several choices. Most commony used is a concreted groundpole. This is the safest and strongest option. If you want to move the umbrella you can have a base with roles. 

  • groundpole
  • base for plates with roles and cover
  • wallmount
round 350,420
square 250x250, 300x300
frame colors grey, back,white, silver and copper
light LED-light or RGB light, dimmable by remote controle(optional equipment, retrofit)
heating heater 1500watt (optional equipment, retrofit)
opening gliding waggon, special one-move technique opens in seconds
setup groundpole
  base for plates 40x40
  wallmount by special wallbrackets