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High class wooden umbrella Padua - the perfect highlight for garden and gastronomy

A high-quality wooden umbrella not only provides reliable sun protection in the garden or on the terrace but is also a visual treat. The Padua wooden umbrella is an absolute highlight for garden enthusiasts as well as hoteliers and restaurateurs who want to create a special atmosphere for their guests. In this blog post, we would like to introduce you to the Padua wooden umbrella and its outstanding features.

The Padua wooden umbrella is available in ten different sizes and shapes. Whether square, rectangular, or round - there is a suitable model for every need. Additionally, it comes with or without a valance and in eight different cover colors. This allows you to perfectly match it to your garden or terrace ambiance and create a harmonious overall picture.

Another advantage of the Padua wooden umbrella is its easy operation. The double cord and pulleys require very little force for opening and closing. This allows you to flexibly adjust it to the position of the sun.

The frame of the Padua wooden umbrella is made from high-quality iroko wood. This wood is extremely durable and weather-resistant, making it perfect for outdoor use. The frame is coated with an environmentally friendly protective glaze, which shields it from moisture and UV rays. This way, the Padua wooden umbrella retains its natural color and beauty even after many years.

The canopy of the Padua wooden umbrella is made from impregnated acrylic, making it water and dirt repellent. Additionally, it is equipped with a wind vent, which increases wind stability. So even in windy weather, you don't have to worry about your umbrella.

For hoteliers and restaurateurs, the Padua wooden umbrella offers a special ambiance for their outdoor areas. With its natural wood design and various cover colors, it perfectly fits any environment and creates a cozy atmosphere for your guests.


The Padua wooden umbrella is an absolute eye-catcher and provides reliable sun protection. Thanks to its high-quality material and easy operation, it is perfect for outdoor use. Whether for a private garden or the gastronomy sector - the Padua wooden umbrella is a perfect highlight that creates a special atmosphere for any occasion.

Ralf Zangenberg
2023-04-16 09:13:00 / General News

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A high-quality wooden umbrella provides reliable sun protection and is an eye-catcher. The Padua wooden umbrella is ideal for garden enthusiasts, hoteliers, and restaurateurs who want to create a...

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